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Tohoru Masamune, the evil Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is talkin' about tortoises, pterodactyls and teaming up with Megan Fox!

Tohoru on Twitter!

Date: October 10, 2014    


My adventure at Cincinnati Comic Expo continues with the Fonz, Henry Winkler, Indiana Jones stuntman Dickey Beer, Star Wars rebel pilot John Morton and, from the Indiana Jones movies and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, John Rhys-Davies!

Cincinnati Comic Expo – John Morton’s website – Dickey Beer on Twitter – Henry Winkler on Twitter – The IndyCast

Date: October 3, 2014    


Part one of my adventure at Cincinnati Comic Expo featuring special guests Expo co-founder, Matt Bredestege, Bob (Iron Man) Layton, Marv (Spider-Man) Wolfman and I meet up with the Incredible Hulk, LOU FERRIGNO!

Lou Ferrigno’s Official Page –  Ferrigno LegacyCincinnati Comic ExpoMarv Wolfman’s Official PageBob Layton’s Official PageThe IndyCastPower Records BlogPower Records Podcast

Date: September 27, 2014    


Great Hera!  Actress Shannon Farnon, who voiced Wonder Woman, takes a break from the Hall of Justice to hang out in the Lair and talk about Super Friends!

Shannon’s Official Site Cincinnati Comic Expo Fanboy Expo

Date: September 12, 2014    


He carried the shield, wore the star-spangled spandex and threw down with the Red Skull!  Now, actor Matt Salinger is in the Lair to talk about his starring role in the 90's flick, Captain America!

Date: September 5, 2014    


My adventures at CT ComiCONN continue as I catch up with actor Maximiliano Hernandez from the summer blockbuster, Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Max on Twitter, Earth Angels Canine Rescue, CT ComiCONN, TheIndyCast, Margante Studios, Brandon Wilt Art, Power Records Plaza

Date: August 29, 2014    


Comic Book Central at CT ComiCONN with special guests Ray (Darth Maul) Park, William (The Greatest American Hero) Katt, Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway and much, MUCH more! CT ComiCONN, The IndyCast, Secret Identity Podcast, High Adventure Music, Dave’s Displays, Brandon Wilt Art, Margante Studios, Neal Adams’ Website, Jerry Ordway on Twitter, William Katt on Facebook

Date: August 23, 2014    


Talented and stunning actress Morena Baccarin is this week's guest.  She's in the Lair to talk about voicing DCU characters and soaring through the 'verse in the sci-fi series, Firefly!

Date: August 15, 2014    


Fire up the Cap-cycle!  Actor Reb Brown, TV's ORIGINAL Captain America, is in the Lair to talk about portraying the Sentinel of Liberty.

Stuff you heard on the show:

Connecticut ComiCONN   Frank & Son Collectible Show   Chicago Toy Show
Rhode Island Comic Con

Date: August 8, 2014    


Michael Uslan, the executive producer of the Batman movie universe, stops by the Lair to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of his 1989 film, Batman!

The Uslan Company   Michael Uslan on Facebook
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Stuff you heard on the show:
Connecticut ComiCONN

Date: August 1, 2014    

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