Boldly go where no one has gone before with Star Trek: The Next Generation's Troi and Riker, Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes!

Date: January 4, 2014    


Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lois & Clark with Superman's parents, K Callan and Eddie Jones!

Date: December 27, 2013    


Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman with the show's creator, Deborah Joy Levine!

Date: December 20, 2013    


Actor Jack O’Halloran, who played the Kryptonian villain Non in Superman and Superman II hangs out in the lair for a revealing chat.

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Date: December 13, 2013    


Executive Producer of the Superman movie franchise, Ilya Salkind stops by to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Superman: The Movie!

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Date: December 6, 2013    

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